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About Literature / Artist ...what ever happened to asking?Female/United States Recent Activity
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More for Liz2 by dragon-tear More for Liz2 :icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 5 3 More for Liz by dragon-tear More for Liz :icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 1 0
Stay The Same
I'm so scared now
I just want to hold you in my arms
I wish I could see you
Once more before your gone
Don't want to be left here all on my own
No arms to hold me when I'm lost and feel alone
I hope you see that you're my life
The air I breathe
Do you see you mean the world to me
I don't want you to go away
Why won't everything stay the same
Can't this one thing never change
My love for you will never fade
Can't you stay...?
:icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 3 3
Holding my pillow close at night
Wishing it was you I could hold tight
Dreaming of you before I even asleep
Wishing you were the one here with me
Can't sleep tonight with you on my mind
Too busy missing you. Anticipating, always waiting
Until I get to hold you close again
Close my eyes to dream of you
Hold my pillow close
Pretend it's you...
:icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 5 6
Icon For Jimmy by dragon-tear Icon For Jimmy :icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 0 0 Icon Option For Liz by dragon-tear Icon Option For Liz :icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 1 5
Wake up to find a tear stained pillow
As memories of nightmares
Return once more to mind
Reminding me of my fear
That I could lose you any time
Without you I'd be lost
Alone without a way
Helpless, hopeless
Stuck in hell with no escape
I don't want to close my eyes tonight
For fear that when I wake
The nightmare that haunts me
Will become the reality I face
:icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 1 5
'Nother Icon2 by dragon-tear 'Nother Icon2 :icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 0 0 'Nother Icon by dragon-tear 'Nother Icon :icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 1 0 Second Icon by dragon-tear Second Icon :icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 1 0 Skellie's Purply Icon by dragon-tear Skellie's Purply Icon :icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 1 0 AloneIcon by dragon-tear AloneIcon :icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 1 3 Look by dragon-tear Look :icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 2 0
So tired of sitting back
And not speaking my mind
Sick of everything I do
Being a mistake every time
Don't want to hear you complain
Talking about another pointless thing
Any time I've got something on my mind
You just turn your back
Walk away
No one seems to hear
The words that I say
I want to make you listen
But it doesn't matter anyways
It's your fault I'm so quiet
When I try to talk I'm just ignored
It's better for me to just keep silent
Stay invisible once more...
:icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 4 6
Could it be true
Did we make it through?
Can't believe it
I'm here with you
How'd those nightmares
Just fade away
The moment I saw you?
Is all the torment gone
Is it over;really through?
I'm scared it's too good
Too good to be true
I didn't know how good I had it
Until you went away
The pain I felt
The tears I cried
Have now been repaid
It seems as if
Things may be
Falling into place
:icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 0 1
My Wish
Want to get closer
But I'm too afraid
And instead of meeting your eyes
I tear my gaze away
Too scared to say
What I need to say
Feel like I may
Push you away
When I'm in your arms
I don't want to let go
And that pit in my stomach
When your away
It's something I doubt
I could ever explain
I pray that I can
Feel like this forever
That my heart you'll keep
And never forget
Never been this way
Or felt like this
And if you didn't guess…
You're my wish
:icondragon-tear:dragon-tear 3 5

Random Favourites

I sit in the corner
With my broken heart
All you see is a mourner
I see a world torn apart
My blood drips to the floor
And no one's there to catch it
Can't see the point anymore
Why would they care about it
I lay on my bed
Holding my own hand
All you see is a lonely teen
I see a darkened land
I stand in the empty room
Full of empty feeling
You see a teen full of gloom
I see a darkened ceiling
I swing
Hanging from a rope
You see an empty corpse
I see a new beginning
:iconinsane-clownz:INSANE-CLOWNZ 39 44
When the wind blows
It'll whisper a song
A bitter sweet lullaby
So you won't know that I've gone
When the wind blows
It'll be a shield for your eyes
To hide from you the horror
That this time won't be disguised
When the wind blows
I will be thinking of you
And all the awful things
You've put me through
When the wind blows
I'll already be missing life
And you'll know it's your fault
You didn't listen to my cries
When the wind blows
It'll be my last painful breath
As I lay lonely and cold
Far from you as you rest
When the wind blows
I'll be closing me eyes
And you'll know your too late
When the wind d i e s…
:iconxblackxcatx:xblackxcatx 3 2
Mr. Anonymous comes and goes
He does not walk, he simply flows
In through walls and up the stairs
Little kiddies, say your prayers
Go to bed when your parents say
Or you'll be Mr. Anonomyous's' prey
You know those lids upon your eyes?
He'll make them into butterflies
Yes, a thousand butterflies follow him
But what they are is truly grim
These are the eyelids,  So behold
Of the kiddies that didn't go to bed when they're told.
So then the kids amongst this number
Can never sleep or doze or slumber
They're doomed to eternal endless wake
All due to they're little night time mistake
So, unless you want Mr. Anonymous by your bed
With his fluttering butterflies suspended on a thread
Hush little children and go to sleep
And don't open your eyes, not even a peep.
:iconinsane-clownz:INSANE-CLOWNZ 20 27
Theres more than meets the eye
Everything is such a blur
What is she going to do?
I'm scared, not for myself but for her
She laughs
She smiles
She winks
She's happy
Is it true?
There's more than meets the eye
When time went by, she died...
Now she cries
She bleeds
She's sad
She hurts
While I lurk
She's not the same but act as if she is.
I can't doing nothing, but watch
Only she can stop herself
But I'll melt into her skin
And let her know she not alone
:icondeadheart:DeadHeart 1 7
I am a cat Beryl. by starweaver I am a cat Beryl. :iconstarweaver:starweaver 180 84 Angel of Fire by garun Angel of Fire :icongarun:garun 89,316 13,142



...what ever happened to asking?
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Just popped in to check comments and decided to leave a journal entry.

xblackxcatx <----- GO! GO! NOW! Thats ma current account. SO GO! lol


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Ummm I dont really have any requests for pictures or anything,but something around the same area as the other avys you have made,lol.Oh and for the text,you would mind it saying "Evil Kittie".Lol.Thanks so much!
xblackxcatx Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2004
okies. no problem. (btw on ma new account, dont feel like switchin lol) ill make it den submit it on this account n u can tell ma if u like or no. then take. :D
Hey!!I see you know Skellie,Sky,and about everyone else.I just came here on DA.I love your work.Im gonna put you on my watch list,haha.Well,anyways,INSANE-CLOWNS told me to come here to ask for an avatar,because you make good ones,and I really like the ones you made.*Gets down on knees and begs*So can I have an avy??hahaha,I am such a loser....
dragon-tear Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2004   Writer
thanks. lol. sure, no problem. have any request for pictures to use? n what you want on it as far as text. (like your D.A name or sumthin else.)
INSANE-CLOWNZ Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2004
wow... you are the icon goddess now.. i poem for every 10 icons.. not only are they good at and something you should take pride in but you make them for others... thanks for the icon.. :hug:
dragon-tear Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2004   Writer
:D yup. worship me. your welcome. :hug:
DeadHeart Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2004
Muwahahahahaha!!! I must glomp you and your page.... Hehe.... ~glomps everything~
dragon-tear Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2004   Writer
[gasps] dats one big glomp. x____0
DeadHeart Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2004
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